Owning a dog with anxiety

A blog detailing my dog ownership experiences!


It’s hard to get started writing an about page.  I’m a very private person and am afraid to expose myself.  However, the tiny brave part of me thinks being outside of my comfort zone will help me to be a stronger person.

I started this blog to get some of my thoughts out of my head, a sort of real life pensieve.  I’m a natural worrier.  I get upset about animal / child / elderly abuse, war / terrorism / hate crimes, environmental destruction (air, soil, and water contamination, rain forest depletion, chemical runoff, e-waste, etc), and things tend to stick with me for a long time.  Blogging will be my attempt at letting some of these concerns out through writing.

When I started this blog (June 2016) I knew nothing about blogging.  I had to look up “what is a blog,” to get an idea of what I was getting in to.  It took a couple of months to start feeling comfortable with 1) how to blog and 2) putting myself out there.  I don’t know if I’ll ever consider myself to not be a “private person” but I’m putting thoughts out there that I would have never considered doing before.

…married with two cats and a dog.
…a college graduate with a degree in finance.
…very goal driven and a little competitive.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a Rottweiler. For two years before getting our first puppy, Zelda, I read every book I could find on the breed, researched breeders across the US, local trainers and local veterinarians. When we brought Zelda home, I was prepared for potty training and teething, puppy fur and puppy breath, and all the good and bad that come with raising a dog. What I wasn’t prepared for was how sick Zelda would be throughout her little life and what I would learn from her.  I hope to someday be able to write about my beautiful Zelda.  The world would be a better place knowing about something so wonderful.

After sending Zelda to Heaven, we got Liezel.  I prayed for a healthy dog, and got one!  What I didn’t pray for was a confident, secure dog and so began our lives with a fearful, fear aggressive dog.  Much anxiety comes with owning a fear aggressive dog and it doesn’t help that Rottweilers are already seen in a negative light.  Liezel has taught me a lot about dog training, dog behavior, and to be honest, a whole lot about myself.

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