Tuesday my parents went to agility with us.  I was quite pleased because my Dad has never shown any interest in attending, but when he said “let me know next time you have class” I was on it.

Well, it started with Liezel pooping on the course not once, but twice.  Then she was running everywhere except where I told her to.  I had to put her leash on her.  Then when I took the leash off, she ran in to me knocking me over where I slid across the grass on my knees.

I looked at my parents and said, “This is not what it’s normally like.”  We got a chuckle out of it and laughed even harder when the next team up was just as horrible.  Oddly – she had brought her husband and mother to watch, too.

Our runs got better each time and as the class came to an end I was happy with Liezel’s overall performance.

I just ordered a soft sided crate that I will start taking with me to agility.  If things continue progressing as they have been with both her behavior and agility ability, I may consider competing.  The crate is required at most facilities, so she may as well try to get used to it.

We got our titer results back yesterday.  Good news – her levels are fine; Bad news – they didn’t test for everything required for daycare so I have to take her back tomorrow for another blood draw.  I’m a bit annoyed by it since I specified, “all titers” but it’s my own fault for seeing a different vet instead of waiting a day to see Dr. L.

We’ve been walking quite a bit lately, especially since Liezel hasn’t been to daycare in three weeks.  She is doing amazingly!  Since the weather is turning around there are a lot more people outside.  Every person she sees she turns to me for reward and shows no reaction.  Honestly, I’ll carry treats with me for the rest of her life if it means a calm[er] dog.