A lot of people ask me if Liezel has particular fears or things that set her off.  They ask if she reacts to men vs woman or men with facial hair or people wearing hats, etc. and I have never really been able to pin anything down.

Over the past few weeks I have been taking some mental notes on when she reacts and what is going on around her at that time.  A simple summary is, Liezel does not like anyone walking behind her and she does not like other dogs while she is on leash.  The last three barking/lunging reactions took place once with people walking behind us and twice when we were walking past another dog while on leash.

When I started this blog Liezel was still very reactive in many situations and I was experiencing a lot anxiety because of it.  As time passed she has gotten so much better, and so have I.  We can go for walks or to classes with confidence.  For one, I’m confident that she probably will not react to anything; and, secondly I have confidence that if she does react I will know how to handle it.

Week Fourteen:  We had agility on Tuesday and our last Advanced Obedience class on Saturday.  Going in to agility she walked very near another dog without (visible) concern, even going potty before entering the building.  I am not leashing her on or off the course because she very obediently runs through the gate to the field and then through the gate to her crate.  She has no interest in scoping anything or anyone out.

We did a lot of off leash work in obedience class and then something new – an obstacle course.  She had to jump on huge tires, jump over benches, and climb up a series of boxes each higher than the next.  Getting her on the tires took some encouragement the first go around and getting her onto each higher box took a lot of encouragement and a fair amount of guidance.  She eventually did the full course in one run and because it was both mental and physical work, she was exhausted after class.

I’m not sure when the next obedience class will start, but I have put in a request for nose work lessons.  I think she will enjoy it.

We are hosting Easter at our house.  It will be the first party we’ve had since getting Liezel.  My intention is to keep her in the bedroom and if/when she is calm letting her out to visit.  She may or many not calm enough – she might be perfectly content staying in the bedroom.  We’re going to play it by ear and see how it all pans out.  That’s a post for next week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday!