Monday, Liezel and I had an uneventful walk in the morning and went to the vet in the afternoon.

Apparently, I lost track of when her rabies titer expired so when my husband took her to daycare last Friday they asked for the vaccination certificate, of which he did not have.

The earliest vet appointment we could get was Monday; however, it would not be with our preferred doctor.  I was a bit nervous taking her to a doctor she hadn’t met, but I shouldn’t have been since the Veterinarian Office is one of her favorite places.  She did really well with the office staff, vet assistants, and the doctor.  Bonus: I didn’t hear her squeal when they drew her blood.  One thing I need to work on is her taking treats more gently.  She does really well with me (after much training and teaching the word “gentle!”) but I’m not sure how to teach her to be gentle with taking treats from others.  Many a person (including the vet) has said, “Ouch, that was my finger!” when rewarding her.  I will need to ask the trainer about that.

When we were leaving there was a Boston Bull Terrior in the waiting room that Liezel barked at and tried to lunge toward but the floor was slippery and she couldn’t get traction.  I told her to stop, gave a mild correction and continued through the room and out the doors.

Tuesday night was agility.  I did not want to go because of my usual after-work headache, but Liezel loves it so we went.  My husband went with us and took some video of a couple of our runs.  Liezel did really well and did the weave poles perfectly – Yay!  Note: she can do them if they are on my left, she cannot [will not?] do them if they are on my right.

Wednesday we took an hour walk and got this picture of perfection.

She did great on the walk!  We stepped off of the sidewalk for both a jogger and bicyclist.  She watched both and had no reaction to either.

Saturday – obedience was a bit of a drag.  Liezel did great, but the class was all Rally as practice for an upcoming trial that some people in the class are competing in.  I like Rally – it is fun, but there were 10 dogs in class and that’s too many to have waiting on the sidelines while one is running the course.  This Friday is the competition.  I have had fleeting thoughts of going, but don’t want to press my luck with all the recent success we’ve had.  Plus as my husband pointed out – I have to work.



Well, we’re more than 90 days into the year and I’m up to 46 acts of kindness.  I’ve got to pick up the pace!

43  Thank you email to DTE

44  Held the door for a man at the veterinarian

45 Returned a cart up to the store for a woman

46  Picked up trash blowing in the wind that turned out to be someone’s Netflix return.  I put it in our mailbox.


Diet / Fitness / Exercise – good, not great.  A few weeks ago I stopped logging things which is a really bad idea because there’s no way to be sure goals are met.  I began again yesterday and already feel like things are back on track.  As far as last week is concerned, I did exercise several days; probably consumed enough fruits and veggies; did not drink enough water; and, ate sweets more than the one day allowed.