2/26 – 3/4 – March already!?

Liezel and I took a great walk on Monday.  We went further from the house than we ever have and encountered several people.  She is doing exceptionally well, with little to no reaction, to a lot of things that would have sent her over the edge a year ago.

Tuesday night we went to agility!  The trainer contacted me over the weekend to say the Aussie was no longer in class, so we dropped in for some fun.  Liezel had a great time and as always she made everyone laugh with her running at top speed through the tunnels.

Wednesday we walked to town which is a first for Liezel (at least since she was just a puppy).  There were a lot of people, traffic, and noises.  I was meeting a friend for an exchange of a product I bought from her so I knew it would be a quick outing.  Liezel showed some signs of discomfort: stiff body, hackles up, alert to every sound and movement; however, she did really well with people passing and entering / exiting stores.  Four people from my friend’s workplace came out to greet Liezel.  Two of them gave her treats and she sniffed all four of them.  Once we headed back home and things got quieter she loosened up and walked the rest of the way carefree.

Saturday was Advanced Obedience.  The class was awesome!  We worked on off-leash heeling, stays with distractions, and stays with the owner leaving the building.  Liezel never broke position.  She showed no signs of distress going in or leaving class, and did all of the class exercises with no reactivity.  What was concerning to her was while in a down stay, another dog broke position and was running around and barking.  Liezel looked to me, ears back, but she maintained her stay until released.  The trainer commented on how well she is doing and my husband and I were so proud of her.


Random Acts of Kindness:

  • 35.  Hid a dollar bill in a banana bunch at the grocery
  • 36. Surprised my parents with breakfast stuff and flowers upon their return from vacation
  • 37. Logged a help ticket for a co-worker and then implemented the resolution
  • 38. Moved a piece of furniture for a senior (he was so relieved!)
  • 39. Wrote and mailed a letter that was very difficult to compose
  • 40. Gave a gift I received to someone who needed it more
  • 41.  Left a coupon on the item in the store
  • 42.  Left a big tip (in relation to the check total) for a server I thought did really well


Other Goals:

  • Spent two hours training with Liezel
  • Completed assigned housekeeping
  • Only had sweets one day
  • Missed one day of exercise