I’ve been super busy at work.  As of February 1, our department took over collections for another company and trying to keep up with everything has been difficult.  As I think back to last week it seems like a blur of commuting and work, but I know there were some walks and fun stuff with Liezel.

Monday was so nice outside (we’ve had unusually warm weather for a Michigan February) and it was a holiday so kids were out of school (I do not recall having President’s Day off of school…) so I figured it would be a good opportunity for some exposure for Liezel.

The first set of boys we encountered on our walk caused a bit of distress.  She was staring too long, hard to distract, and grumbling a bit.  The boys were loud and swearing and seemed a bit like trouble makers, but they went their way and we went ours.  Once they were out of sight, she went right back to enjoying the walk.

Just minutes later two women were chatting on a short driveway we needed to walk past.  The woman were about 5 feet from us and as we passed Liezel looked to me for reward and we passed without any reaction.  We then made our way to the park where there was a lot of activity.  Bicycles, skateboards, swinging, screaming, running, etc.  She and I stood on the other side of the road so we could see the happenings without being too close.  We only stayed for two minutes or so because I did not want to push her too far.

As we left, a man with a dog was entering the park and Liezel was very concerned about them.  She continued to look back every few steps until they were out of site.  She continued forward progress, didn’t stop to stare, and once they were gone, she stopped looking back.

By the time we got home, Liezel was exhausted!  It was mentally and physically tiring for her.  A successful outing!

We took several other walks throughout the week and each one gets more enjoyable.  She seems excited to go, I get my exercise, and we spend relaxing time together.  A lot of our walks include me reflecting on how things have changed.  It is a wonderful feeling.

My random acts of kindness are really falling behind!  And, I must start jotting things down as they happen since I must have done more than two last week, but I cannot remember them.

  • 33. Thanked a road worker for fixing a giant pothole
  • 34. Offered to host, and began working on, a fundraiser

Diet and exercise / Housekeeping

  • Not great on the diet this week.  As the weekends approach I begin dwindling in my efforts.  I missed a few serving of veggies; convinced myself that one sweet treat day / week really meant a 24 hour period; and did not drink enough water.
  • Exercise…I walked almost everyday and while I didn’t do four 45 minute days, I did do two 60 minute days, and three or four 30 minute days.
  • Housekeeping – cleaned the assigned room and spent a few hours cleaning / organizing other rooms.