2/12 – 2/18

Liezel and I took several walks this week.  There were no incidences to report.  The weather here is unusually warm so there have been many more people out and about while we’ve been walking.  Liezel does show some concern, and the closer people are to us the more concerned she is, but she was very easily distracted with praise and food.

Saturday was our last obedience class (until the new session starts in March).  The trainer introduced a two-wheeled dolly.  He set in down in each persons’ pathway and when we got to it we had to jump over it with our dog.  The first couple of times Liezel ran around it.  My husband pointed out that I was telling her “over” instead of “jump” and he was right – in agility that would be a jump.  Once I started calling it “jump” she went right over it.  We also worked on a bit of nose work.  The trainer took each dog outside while the owner hid behind a wall.  When he brought the dog back in you had to call it to “come.”  Liezel took two “comes” before she found me.  We’ll have to play more hide and seek.

Sunday, we walked to the Pet store.  It’s about a 20 minute walk.  We passed a dog along the way that was barking and lunging at us.  Liezel didn’t seem to care.  It was a little dog and it was across the street, but I was impressed that Liezel had no reaction to it at all.  When we got to the pet store there were a lot of people there so instead of putting Liezel in an uncomfortable situation with lots of people and dogs, she and I stayed outside while my husband ran in to get what we needed.  She observed some of the people coming and going, but was mostly interested in sniffing around.

Random Acts of Kindness:

  • Picked up litter in the neighborhood (it was as if a garbage truck was leaking!)
  • Wished a stranger, “Happy birthday,” which led to my having a short conversation with every party goer that passed me
  • Bought a surprise gift for a child
  • Sent a “welcome” gift to friends who just got a dog

Diet and exercise / Liezel / Housekeeping

  • Liezel – success.  Definitely spent at least two hours training.
  • Housekeeping – cleaned the assigned rooms but not as thoroughly as I could have
  • Early in the week I lost track of journaling  so I cannot say how I did with diet and exercise.  I walked a lot with Liezel so it may be fair to say I got at least four 45 minute sessions of activity.  I did not have smoothies over the weekend so I did not get all of my fruits and veggies.  I had sweets two days instead of the one allowed.  Plus, my overall diet was not good – pizza twice and nachos one night (typing this makes me cringe).
  • About blogging – I did not keep track of things in a draft last week so when it came time to writing this post I had to do it all from memory.  I need to get back to adding to a draft throughout the week.