Yesterday, Liezel came home from daycare wearing this Valentine’s apparel.


We had just come in from a walk before this picture was taken and the walk was fantastic!  A few houses away a neighbor came out and started walking in front of us.  Liezel was concerned about the stranger and was attempting to pull ahead and focus on the woman.  A few mild corrections, followed by treats for looking at me (therefore, away from the woman) and Liezel lost interest in the woman.

Near the end of our walk, the UPS driver pulled up and walked right in front of us.  Liezel started to stare, but my husband gave a kissing sound and she looked back at us.  She continued to look at the UPS driver and back to me and was rewarded for doing so.  Once we passed the house he was delivering to she went right back to sniffing around and enjoying the walk.

These two encounters were major successes!  Either person could have produced a meltdown – hackles, barking, lunging, etc. but neither did.  Liezel was able to transfer her focus from them to me and enjoying the walk.  It’s instances like these that fill me with hope for continued progress.