Liezel was awesome at obedience Saturday!  She entered and exited without any reactions.  Inside the building she was observant but not frantically looking around.  She performed all exercises – heel, stay, come, etc.  The trainer suggested we have a “Stay off” (whose dog will stay the longest).  Everyone put their dog in a down stay, and walked to the other side of the room.  If your dog got up, you were out.  It got down to the final three (of eight) when class was over and guess who was one of the three?!  LIEZEL!!  She stayed at the other end of the room for over five minutes.  The trainer threw a bottle and banged on things and she did not get up!  Her ears went back at the noises, she looked at me almost the whole time and she stayed until I excused her.

It was incredible!  The trainer asked me if we increased her meds and I was so happy to report that we had/have not.  (That reminds me, I need to call the vet since it has been one month since we lowered her dose.)

We took several walks throughout the week and did some training at home.  We worked on “watch” in the mirror.  I can see when she looks away without having to look down at her.  She doesn’t realize I can see her in the mirror so she’s surprised at the “ah-ah” when she looks away.


Random Acts of Kindness:

  • 23.  Interacted with a curious child at Costco
  • 24. Picked up a napkin for someone who dropped hers
  • 25. Complimented a stranger
  • 26. Held the door for someone at work
  • 27. Sent a Valentine’s Day card to a child
  • 28. Let someone in in traffic

It’s crazy that most of these things are just common courtesies, but would not have gotten done if I wasn’t making a conscience effort to be kind.  This goal is making me think about things differently.

Diet, exercise, fitness / Liezel / Housekeeping

  • I did not maintain my food log over the weekend
  • Exercised two of four days (45 minutes) and only 30 minutes another two days
  • Sweets only one day – this is getting easier
  • Worked with Liezel at least two hours
  • The room I was supposed to clean turned into more of a purge day with throwing a lot of things away.  So while it was not cleaned top to bottom as my goal details, I got a lot done.

Grade for the week: B