Liezel had a much better week than last.

Monday and Tuesday she did great going in to and out of daycare.  I checked on her many, many times throughout the day (live web cams) and she seemed perfectly normal.  I was so worried that she would be skittish and nervous all day like she had been at obedience class last Saturday, but that did not seem to be the case.

Tuesday night agility was awesome!  I took her little stuffed squirrel and rewarded her with it after each run.  She loved throwing it around and running through the tunnels with it.  Everyone on the sidelines laughed at her antics.  I crated her between runs and did not need to leash her going into the crate or onto the field.  After each run I said, “kennel” and she ran right in.  When it was her turn to run, I opened the gate and said, “Go, go, go” and she ran onto the course.

We took walks each day Wednesday through Sunday.  Saturday and Sunday walks were about 45 minutes each and she did great!  We saw several people out on walks this week and while her hackles raised in most instances, she continued to look to me and was rewarded for doing so.  Her only reaction was toward a black lab being walked.  She does well with other dogs when off-leash (ex. daycare), but on-leash she will bark and lunge if given the opportunity.  The incident was minor and we continued on without her being nervous or vigilant.

Saturday was obedience.  She was nervous (ears back, hyper-alert), but did great going in and out of the building and she maintained all stays and heels during the class.  One of the trainers approached us to say Liezel was noticeably better this week and asked if I had maintained the lower dose of anti-anxiety medication.  We have continued with the lower dose and will continue to monitor her behavior.  Tomorrow will be three weeks since we lowered it and I need to report back to the vet at the four week mark.


Random Acts of Kindness (I was home 4 of the 5 work days so there was little opportunity)

  • 18.  Thanked the guy emptying the recycling bins at work – I think he is ignored for the most part.


Diet and Fitness / Liezel / Housekeeping:

  • Stayed on track with food, water, and exercise requirements
  • Only had sweets one day (as allowed) and I could not sleep that night!
  • Worked with Liezel more than the goal amount
  • Did not complete the required cleaning; however, I will make it up this week to keep on  schedule

Grade:  B