Liezel and I took walks both Monday (two walks) and Tuesday.  Our Tuesday walk was amazing!  Two houses down a man was putting recycling in the bin at the curb.  Liezel noticed him when we were about 20 feet away.  She looked at him and back to me.  For her to look away from him at that close a proximity is huge progress.  I put her in a sit and had a short conversation with the man.  A few minutes into our conversation Liezel stood up and starting walking toward him.  She walked right up to him, sniffed him and then returned to me.  We finished our conversation and Liezel and I walked on.

At the next house the people had just pulled into their garage and were getting out of their car.  We greeted each other and Liezel just observed.

At the next block a man started to approach with a “Can I pet your dog” look.  I right away said, “She’s afraid of strangers,” so he stopped coming toward us.  We did however stop and have a short conversation.  Liezel approached this man as well!  She sniffed him and he attempted to touch her head, but she backed away.  She then focused across the street where people were out in their yard.  She had no reaction – no hackles, no huffing, nothing.  I concluded the conversation with the man and we continued on.

I gave Liezel a lot of praise and told her how proud of her I was.  I was elated!

Tuesday night was agility.  A combinations of things made it a not so great night.  The space is very tight and crowded.  Liezel and I sit at the far end next to a woman who Liezel seems to like or at least not dislike.  I heard the trainer ask the woman, “Did Liezel snap at you?” to which I exclaimed, “DID SHE?!”  The woman said “I don’t know what happened, she just scared me.”  Liezel has about 12″ of leash in that confined area and she did not get away from me in that instant so I’m really not sure what happened.  My head was turned to the left and apparently something happened on the right.  *I called the trainer the next day to discuss this.  She said she does not think Liezel snapped at all.  ???

While out on the course, the trainer’s helper was arranging obstacles and Liezel (off leash) began barking at her.  I sternly said, “Liezel!” and she came over to my side.  The trainer commented, “No one is concerned with you anymore, Liezel.” And the trainer’s helper did seem completely unfazed.  But between the barking at her and the lunge?, snap? at the other woman, things started out rough.

An additional person showed up which made things even more crowded (uncomfortably so) and the class ran a bit late so the next class was arriving before we were done.  The new people / dogs made Liezel nervous and as we tried to leave, she barked and lunged at them.  I corrected her, put her in a sit, and then heeled out into the pitch black parking lot that now contained twice as many cars as it could contain.

It was an absolute cluster trying to get to my car and then trying to get out of there with cars waiting to take my spot and others parking so close it was near impossible getting out.  Oh, and did I mention it was pitch black?  And super muddy.  And pitch black.

The night was in such contrast to the day!  I really do think a lot of it is the limited amount of personal space the place allows.

Saturday was obedience and I posted this.

I feel as badly for Liezel as I have in quite some time.


Random Acts of Kindness

  • 12. Offered any help required to the adult children of our elderly neighbors.  The mom is hospitalized and the dad was just diagnosed with dementia.
  • 13.  Husband’s idea:  Used my in-store credit to buy as many items on the clearance rack as possible for donation.  The cashier said “You saved $299.00!”  The price difference between original price and what we actually paid.
  • 14. We had a save $20 on any $100 purchase coupon for another store.  I gave it to the people behind me.
    • The next store we went to someone gave ME a coupon…my husband teased me that the 75 cent yogurt coupon I got negated the one I gave.
  • 15. Thanked a man at work who was restocking copy paper.
  • 16. My Mom liked a sweater I was wearing so I ordered one for her
  • 17. Stayed late at work one day to explain some procedures


Diet and Fitness / Liezel / Housekeeping:

  •  Exercised about 30 minutes less than I should have (for the week)
  • Got all my fruits, veggies, and water
  • Only had sweets one day
  • Got more than two hours of training time with Liezel
  • Cleaned the assigned room (pretty soon the whole house will be clean!)

Grade for last week: A-