Monday Liezel and I took a longer than usual walk.  We walked 2.65 miles in an hour.  So slow because I allow her to sniff around and enjoy herself.  Overall she did really well.  At one point there was a woman walking in front of us and Liezel huffed and postured until we turned in different directions.  Toward the end of the walk there were two elderly folks walking perpendicular to us and our paths would have crossed within a few minutes.  Liezel went on high alert and instead of potentially 1) scaring elderly people and 2) ending our walk on a bad note, I went another direction until they were far enough away for us to resume our path toward home.

Tuesday night was agility.  For her first run, Liezel had a plan of her own.  She ran through all the tunnels and over the A-frame at top speed.  All of the other people were laughing and commenting on her performance.  She looked so happy and free.  Once she got that out of her system, her remaining runs went near perfectly.  She was behaved on the sidelines, even in close proximity to other teams!

For all of the times I have commented that she does not like the Aussie in class, and wondered why she always barks and lunges at him, I came to a realization.  The Aussie isn’t very well behaved.  The only time she had any reaction was when the Aussie started barking at her.  She barked back but immediately looked to me for direction.  Later in the evening I noticed the owner had a spray bottle that she was using in an attempt to stop his incessant barking.  It was then that I realized Liezel could not be to blame of all of the past incidences between the two.  Between his barking, staring, and general hyper-ness, I’m not particularly fond of him either.

Obedience classes resume January 14.


Random Act of Kindness:

  • 1-3.  Mailed three notes to family members
  • 4.  Mailed a note to the Little White Dog.  One block over from us is a little dog that plays with a tennis ball by himself.  Over the summer I stopped and watched him hit the ball with his nose and chase after it.  It was super cute to watch so I sent a note letting him know I enjoyed his antics.
  • 5-6.  Let two people in in traffic
  • 7.  Sent an email to a co-worker and cc’d her boss letting her know about a job well done
  • 8.  Told a little girl who loves princesses that I thought SHE was a princess (her reaction was genuine surprise and happiness!)


Diet & Fitness Plan / Liezel / Housekeeping

  • Two days I missed the water consumption goal
  • Two days I missed the fruit consumption goal (ran out of bananas for smoothies)
  • Had some Sour Patch Kids on a non-sweet treat day
  • Exercised all four days
  • Ate all required vegetables
  • Two full hours of training with Liezel
  • Cleaned assigned room top to bottom


Not too bad.  I give it an A-.