A look back on 2016:

  • January
    • Weekly private dog training lessons
    • Began 6-week Advanced Obedience class
    • Dog Sport Group dinner
  • February
    • Dinner with the in-laws
    • Dinner with my parents
    • One obedience class was cancelled for “too cold”
    • One private lesson was cancelled for “snow”
    • One work “snow day”
  • March
    • New carpet installed
    • Celebrated 11 year wedding anniversary in Aruba
  • April
    • Liezel titre test – all antibody levels sufficient
  • May
    • Attended a retirement seminar (scared me in to savings mode)
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
    • Dinner at my parents
    • Dinner with good friends
    • Began 4-week agility class
    • Husband’s company picnic
    • Dinner with in-laws
    • Dog Sport Group dinner
  • October
    • Dinner with good friends
    • Dinner with in-laws
    • One very stressful week
    • Neighborhood chili cook off
    • Dinner with dog trainer
  • November
    • “Drop-in” Agility class
    • Saw a movie with the dog trainer
    • Helped teach a puppy class
    • Thanksgiving dinner at my nephew’s
    • Weekend up north with my parents
    • My Grandpa passed away
    • Liezel’s 3rd birthday
  • December
    • Began 6-week indoor Agility class 
    • Husband’s company Christmas party
    • Shopping with my Mom
    • Finalized home refinance (took 4 months – lower interest rate)
    • Began training for added responsibilities at work
    • Dog Sport Group dinner


As I list all of the year’s highlights, waves of emotion wash over me.  From anxiety to joy, frustration to pride, sadness to success, and many more.

From meeting our final trainer in August 2015 to date, the difference in Liezel is absolutely remarkable.  Almost a 180.  We started taking regular walks, many without any reaction.  We resumed group classes with much success.  Liezel’s confidence and her trust in us has developed to almost perfection (almost).

I have regained much of my lost confidence.  My anxiety has diminished markedly, in both frequency and intensity.  As a result of both regained confidence and diminished anxiety, my relationships with others have improved.

All-in-all it has been a great year and I thank God for all of it.