Today is my last work day for the week.  In an attempt to use up my vacation time, I am taking Thursday and Friday off.  Because of training at work I have had to drive to the office three days in a row which means getting up at 4:30.  I will catch up on some sleep during this time off.

My Christmas shopping is almost done.  We decided last night what to give my parents and this morning I got up to an email with some ideas for the nephew whose name I drew (too many kids to buy for all of them, so we draw names to divide them up).  The only ones left are my husband’s parents and my boss.  It’s very difficult to buy for a boss.

I’ve been super bad about diet and exercise lately (months?) and the scale is very upset with me.  Monday I decided enough was enough and I began making changes.  Changes?  They’re really things getting me back to normal, so I guess I began stopping non-habits (i.e. being lazy and eating too much chocolate).  It’s probably just psychological, but I feel better already.

Technology is making me dumb.  I was in a meeting with my boss and working from a spreadsheet on my laptop.  I could not understand why nothing was happening when I touched the laptop monitor.  I kept touching and attempting to scroll, but it was frozen.  Then I realized it wasn’t a touch screen.  Luckily my boss did not notice.

Technology is making my husband dumb.  His vehicle doors unlock when he gets near it, mine require pushing the fob button – or using a key.  He continually stands at the door to my vehicle asking, “Why won’t this unlock.”  I use these opportunities to remind him that my car was much less expensive than his.  : )

Final thought before I must start getting ready for work.  The agility trainer emailed me that classes start up next Tuesday!

Good day to all!