Once again, much time has passed since I last blogged.  As I think back to what has taken up so much of my time, I realize a confession is in order.

Before the confession though, here’s what’s been going on around here:

I’m about 75% done with my Christmas shopping.  We’re going to put the tree up this weekend and then I can begin wrapping!

We had a 24 hour power outage which was super fun!   It was reminiscent of the 2003 outage that spanned several states for several days.  THAT was fun!  A bit like camping.

During the power outage we took the cats to the vet and came home with hemp seed oil.   We couldn’t pay because of the power outage so we went on our merry way.  We began using the hemp seed oil (old cats, pain management) and on Monday I went back to pay.  The bill seemed high but I didn’t think much of it until I got home, looked at the receipt, and realized the oil was $110!!  Yikes.  Lesson – ask how much is it before agreeing to anything during a power outage.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family.  My nephew hosted in his new home which is about an hour and a half from us.  He has the child who this past summer mumbled, “What the hell?” to the television, as I sat next to her.  Something about children swearing strikes me as very funny.

Thanksgiving we had dinner with my husband’s family.  There is a new baby in the family which is fun.  When my husband finally gave in to the “hold the baby” pressure, the little guy pooped on him (in the diaper, but to a guy without kids, it seems as bad as not having a diaper on).

The weekend after Thanksgiving we went up north with my parents.  This has been a long standing tradition where we eat and drink and do a lot of nothing, with the exception of writing out Christmas cards.  My Mom and I always fill out our Christmas cards and mail them from up north so they have a “far away” postage stamp.

Liezel’s third birthday took place while we were up north.

We had a death in the family.  My Grandpa had been suffering from dementia and it finally took him.

We had a 60th nuniversary.  Yep, an aunt has been a nun for 60 years.  It was a surprisingly large celebration with many more people than we could have expected.  Bonus – the event took place at a Pokestop so I was able to get Pokeballs throughout the night.

And, now the confession…

We brought the Wii up from the basement and have been playing Mario.  That is where much of my free time has gone.  Mindless, unproductive, time-sucking fun.