Last week was a stressful one! Liezel was really on edge which made me take a good hard look at myself and assess what was going on around me. Here’s what I could come up with at the time:

    • My husband was out of town and I dislike being home alone. His being out of town also meant that for two days Liezel would be home alone 11+ hours (he ordinarily takes her to daycare).
    • The insurance plan at work is changing and I needed to make a decision on which option to go with.
    • I had prepaid $400 for an event for 16 people who would each reimburse me $25. As the event drew closer some folks started bailing out and others were indecisive on whether or not they were going to go. It came down to the last day that I could cancel and still get a (partial) refund.
    • We were supposedly hosting a neighborhood chili cook off on Sunday, but no neighborhood newsletter went out so we weren’t sure if everyone just forgot about it and it was off or if we should make chili and see what happens.
    • I signed up for a few events at work that put me outside of my comfort zone (one event required disrobing).

As the week progressed and each problem was resolved my nervous energy decreased, as did Liezel’s.

    • The neighborhood association secretary went door to door reminding people of the chili cook off. This is not the way I would have done things, but hey, it’s just taking place at my house, I’m not in charge of things. Then the issue became how many people are coming and how much chili do we make.
    • After much research, and an insurance seminar at work, I was able to make an informed decision on the insurance option best suited for us.
    • I cancelled the 16-person event, received $375 refund, and gave money back to those who had already paid me.
    • My parents let Liezel out at lunchtime on the days she was home alone and I took Friday off.
    • As each event at work played out the tension in my shoulders decreased. The event I was most nervous about (cryogenic treatment) which required getting undressed at work was on Wednesday so at least that was over mid-week.
    • Finally, my husband came home, safe and sound, and all went back to normal…

While any one – or even a couple – of these things alone wouldn’t have had the same effect, combined they weighed heavily on me.  Now, I look at each one like none are really that big of a deal.  If only I could see that in the midst of it.

So as not to leave you hanging, the chili cook off was pretty uneventful.  A handful of people showed up, all saying the same thing, “We weren’t sure if this was still happening.”  Liezel was really good in the house while we were outside.  I didn’t hear her bark at all and after everyone except one couple left we let her out.  She came to the gate and didn’t even bark at the strangers.  I was standing with them and she looked at me like “what are you doing on that side of the fence?”  We let them in the yard to meet her and while she was nervous, they are “dog people” and put her at ease right away.  She even brought them her prized possession, her deflated basketball.