We finished our last night of agility.  The trainer has not scheduled Fall classes yet so we’ll be on a bit of a break.

Class last night was fun.  Liezel was AWESOME with regard to the other people and dogs!  Her only reaction at any time was raised hackles; no growling, huffing, barking, or lunging.  She was fantastic.

My post last week mentioned needing to slow down on the course in order to have Liezel touch correct parts of the obstacles.  At the start of our first run I told Liezel, “We’re going to slow down tonight,” she either didn’t hear or just totally ignored me.  My slower pace only gave her more free time to run off course.  She was also very mouthy which is unusual for her.  I think she was so excited that it was an outlet.  I will have to put a stop to it if it continues and will not tolerate it outside of the excitement of the agility course.  But as I wrote last week, I let her get away with some undesirable behavior while working on the fear aggression.  And to clarify, she is mouthing, not biting.

We are still working on “gentle”treat taking in situations that are scary or uncomfortable for her.  She is doing really well with this also.  She can still be nippy in some situations but is markedly more gentle when told.

The courses last night were difficult with a lot of sharp turns.  We need practice!  I just had the thought that we should take a couple of private lessons…maybe I’ll do that.

Well, until new classes start, this will be the last agility update.  My guess is it will be a couple of weeks.