I thought I’d share a few things from the past couple weeks.

Since it’s starting to get chilly, Liezel has started spooning very close to us at night. Generally speaking one of us does not get a fair share of the bed and that one is never Liezel.

I have found making ice cubes is easier than sautéing.  Liezel likes the spinach ice cubes but not the spinach with apple ice cubes.  We’re going to try spinach with strawberry and spinach with banana this weekend.

My Mom asked me, “how do you get anything done?” as Liezel licked her face, brought her toys, rolled underneath her, and leaned into her while she tried to demonstrate some floor exercises.  I have never written about my at home yoga attempts.

Yesterday Liezel was crying (a sure sign she has something she shouldn’t) and she ran to a corner of the entryway.  She didn’t come when called so I went to her. Hanging from her mouth was about 3″ of a wool dryer ball and next to her was what was left of the ball.  Now I get to worry about her until the wool passes.

The last two times we have taken Liezel to my parents she has found and rolled in poop in their yard.  This requires her being hosed off in order to get back in the car kennel and then straight into the bath once we get home.  So gross.

It’s a good thing she’s cute.