The last day of September.  My boss let us go early and I feel like I won the time lottery.  I assessed my August post on September goals and I did pretty well – I’ll give it a B.  The goals were:

  • Post weekly – Success
  • Comment on someone’s post daily – 10/30 see note below
  • 30-day arm challenge and at least 5,000 steps/day -Success
  • Read “The Truth About Money” Ric Edelman – Success

Regarding commenting on a post everyday.  I read posts on my feed (is that what it’s called?) everyday and I “like” many of them; but I find myself not commenting very often for a couple of reasons:

  • I’m often on my phone and I find it incredibly difficult to scroll to proofread in the tiny space allotted
  • Most of my time on WordPress is first thing in the morning when I’m having my coffee.  I find myself typing out long comments and then running out of time before I can proofread and post so I end up deleting it.
  • I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words – or I doubt my ability to do so
  • I have an irrational fear of not being able to delete any comment I make – and what if I post with a typo!?

So I ask you, Fellow Bloggers, do you allocate time each day to reading / commenting and do you throw caution to the wind with regard to proofreading?

Oh, and October goals:

  • Post weekly
  • Comment on someone’s post at least every other day
  • 30-day thigh challenge and at least 5,000 steps/day
  • Read “The Lies About Money” Ric Edelman