Last night was the first night of our new 4 week agility class.  Only 4 weeks because it is getting darker earlier and our 7 pm class will be in the dark in no time.  My Mom came with us because she wanted to see Liezel in action (agility, not reactivity).

The class was hard!  The trainer set up 12 obstacles to start with, a couple that we had little to no experience with (weave poles, broad jump, triple jump), and told us to do 6 or 12, whatever we felt comfortable with.  Naturally I went in knowing we would do all 12.  Ha!

Again, for having very little experience with the weave poles, Liezel did great.  We had to start over once but the second time she did all of them.  When we finished the 6th obstacle and I couldn’t find 7, I called it.  I should have walked the course first…

I put Liezel in the kennel after her first two runs and then told her she could stay out of it if she could behave.  Her vocabulary is astounding because she did behave and did not have to go back in the kennel.

The course went like this: weave poles, dog walk, tunnel, A-frame, triple jump, tunnel, tire, broad jump, tunnel, tunnel, A-frame, tire.  I kept messing up by trying to have her on my left and then not being able to get both of us to the next obstacle because we were tripping over each other.  Once I got her on my right, things got easier.

She didn’t have any reactions to anyone or anything.  Her hackles went up once when the Aussie she doesn’t like was running the course in the class before ours.  A quick correction got her attention and she was rewarded.  That’s a lot of it – catching her before she stares.  Once she starts staring she will most assuredly react.  [I just looked down at her and her little velvet ear is flopped over right under my rolling chair wheel.  I’m stuck here until she moves.  My phone is way over there so I can’t even get a picture for you.]

On the way out last night the trainer said “Come anytime after 6 next week and we’ll just run courses until 7:30 or when it gets dark.”  She told the class before ours the same thing.  Ugh, this means strangers.  We’ll deal with that next week.

When we left my Mom said she was impressed and proud of Liezel.  Then she asked, “Why do [some of] the other people in the class talk baby-talk to their dogs?”

Haha!  I don’t know Mom, it’s one of those wonders.