It is hard to believe that 12 weeks (really 13) have gone by since I signed up to take Liezel back to agility.

Two things of significance happened Tuesday night.

Since Liezel runs way faster than I do, I must get ahead of her in order to keep her on track. Midway through one course the obstacles were table, tire, jump, jump, jump, tunnel all in a straight line.  Liezel got on the table and sat, I rewarded her, and then we started running to the tire.  She got through the tire and the first two jumps with me keeping up, but then I started lagging behind.  When she realized I was no longer next to her, she turned around to come back to me.  Even when I instructed jump and tunnel, she stopped, turned around and ran to me. The trainer told me to put her in a stay on the table and walk to the second jump before releasing her.  I was unsure if she would do the tire and jumps or if she would skip the obstacles all together and run up to my side.  With her on the table in a stay (she is so obedient, she stayed until she was released)  I walked ahead to the second jump and called “tire.”  She took off at full speed and I started running.  By the time I got to the tunnel, she had caught up and had done every jump!  Lesson one – somehow get ahead of her when the course is a long straight line.

The second thing came when, while off course, Liezel was being reactive toward two of the other dogs when they were on course.  I put her in one of the soft sided kennels the trainer has and the reactions stopped.  I know that if we ever compete she would have to be in a kennel when off course so I don’t need to feel like she’s being punished.  I can look at it like she’s getting practice for what might someday come.

Tomorrow night starts a new class.  It is only a four week class since it’s getting darker earlier.  Another update coming soon…