After writing my post on Liezel’s diet I was asked by Lifewith3dogsblog to do a price comparison between kibble and raw.

Liezel weighs about 65 pounds (she’s petite!) and twice / day she is fed:

  • 1/2 cup (~1 oz) dry Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Premix
  • 8 ounces Bravo! Balance raw food (beef, turkey or lamb)

Grandma Lucy’s 8 lb bag $47.99

5 lb roll Beef $21.33;  Turkey $15.51;  Lamb $37.82

Daily cost including 2 oz Grandma Lucy’s :  $5/day beef; $3.90/day turkey; $8.33/day lamb

Kibble examples:

Orijin 6 Fish Grain-free 15 lb bag (6.8 kg) $56.99; feeding recommendation for 66 pound “active” dog 3 cups or 324 grams: cost = $2.72 / day

Fromm Duck and Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food 15 lb bag (6.8kg) $45.99; feeding recommendation for 60-80 pound dog 303 – 379 grams (I’ll use 324): cost = $2.19 / day

I did not do any chicken foods because Liezel does not eat chicken.  I think chicken products might be less expensive overall.  So a decreased cost in raw chicken will probably equate to a comparable decrease in kibble cost.