There was a time in my life when I felt such overwhelming sorrow I wasn’t sure if I would ever feel “good” again.  My personal world had come to a complete and painful stop, yet everything all around me continued on.

Crumpled in an emotional mess on the ground, I wondered at the normalcy around me.  I watched people walking dogs, shuttling children, going to work.  Regularly scheduled programs were aired and the morning radio guys still did their shtick.  The sun rose and set every day and the moon every night. But I was stationary, unable to move forward and unable to understand how the world was still going on.

As time went on I began to notice that I wasn’t crying everyday.  And then a couple days, a few days, a week went by without crying.  I was beginning to feel better a little at a time.  The sorrow was morphing into a manageable sadness and I saw glimmers of happiness.  A few years later and it still makes me cry, but I do feel “good,” a feeling at one time I thought was lost.

It took that sorrow for me to realize that someone else, somewhere else is experiencing overwhelming sorrow right now and wondering at the normalcy around them.  Perhaps even watching me and wondering if (s)he will ever feel good again.  I understand the broken heart, the feeling of complete loss, the wonder at how other people are functioning.

And so it goes.  While we’re all living life, we’re all living it differently.