After years of collection Precious Moments, I decided I was over it.  I boxed them up and piled boxes and boxes of boxes of them in the corner of our storage room.

Labor Day 2016!  Let’s clean the storage room!

The room is a disaster.  There is a slight pathway from the door to the back of the room, but the path does have some obstacles.  We open the door and my eyes go right to the Precious Moments.  All I can think is, “I have to get rid of these things.”

I put my husband to work at finding out how to sell them on eBay.  This results in learning most figurines do not sell, and if they do it’s for a few dollars.  So I have to decide, attempt to sell them individually (list, sell, package, ship each one) in an attempt to make a few bucks, try to sell them as a collection (make a detailed list with pictures and then find a buyer), donate them, or leave them where they are.

Hours of debating and researching, and hemming and hawing resulted in closing the storage room door and taking a Labor Day nap.

And there they sit, in a corner of the storage room.  Only to be reached via a pathway of obstacles.