Whew!  August is over.

The goals I set were too lofty:

  • Post everyday – Success
  • Follow a blog everyday – Fail
  • Follow the 30-day arm challenge – Fail
  • Clean something in the house everyday – Fail

The first 9 days went really well but then our staycation arrived and things fell apart.  While those goals do not seem unrealistic, combined they might have been too time consuming.

New goals for September:

  • Post weekly
  • Comment on someone’s post daily
  • 30-day arm challenge and at least 5,000 steps/day*
  • Read “The Truth About Money” Ric Edelman

My blog is supposed to be an outlet for me, but the pressure of posting something everyday became a stressful burden.  Unscheduled writing should bring me back to what I wanted the blog to be.  I’m on WordPress everyday so commenting daily should not be an issue.  Plus I follow some very interesting people so there is always something to compliment!

The fitness part, I try to get 10,000 steps every day but because of my commute plus desk job, some days I don’t even get 5,000 (embarrassing).  So I’m setting a goal that I can attain to avoid disappointment.

Finally, I have had this book (The Truth About Money) for years.  There it sits, unread.  I vow to dust it off and read it in September.

Anyone else setting September goals?