Yesterday I posted about our neighborhood association picnic being at our house (garage / driveway) since my husband is the president.  My husband did great!  He held a very relaxed meeting where a lot of neighbors chimed in so it was a bit more like a conversation than a meeting.  I was very proud of him!

I have a bit of social anxiety so mingling in groups is uncomfortable.   I mostly kept to myself and was relieved when the one neighbor who coordinates most events took over with setting up the food and making announcements.  It’s kind of a strange position to be in – the event is at my house, but I don’t hold office on the board so I don’t need to take the lead.

Liezel had a rough day.  It started with the first knock on the door that was a neighbor dropping off the hamburgers for us to grill.  The neighbor didn’t come in, which might be worse for Liezel.  Then, I had her in the back yard when the first neighbor arrived.  She knows him, but out of context (he lives on the left side of the house, but here he was on the right side) she reacted.  Jumping, barking, hackles up.  I put her back in the house, but later while carrying a hot pan out she slid out the doorwall and ran to the gate where there were many neighbors.  Again, a strong reaction.  We got her back in the house and blocked her off from the garage entrance to the house.  I heard her barking the entire time.

I had to come in the house a few times and every time I came in she was on high alert, wide-eyed, and panting.  Here is where I have a question for folks with canine behavior experience.  Some part of me thinks it is normal canine behavior to bark when she heard voices in the garage and normal for her to react at strangers on the driveway.  But another part of me says all of it is overreaction due to her fear of strangers.  Thoughts?

Either way, the bright side of this situation is that Liezel calmed quickly.  Had this happened a year ago she would have been frazzled for days.  Last night, once everything was put away and we sat down she laid down on the floor and fell fast asleep.  Today she is acting like nothing happened.  That is progress in my book!