Several years ago I decided to plant a garden.  We tilled new soil into the ground and I planted a medley of vegetables.  Nothing was doing very well except my cucumber  plant.

One day my elderly neighbor walked over to talk about the garden.  By that time my cucumber plant was about 2 feet tall!  She asked me what we planted and I told her all the vegetables.  I said, “Nothing is really doing that great except my cucumber.  Look at it!  It’s like 2 feet tall now.” I was excitedly pointing at my prized crop.

She said, “That is not a cucumber.”


She said, “That is a sunflower.”  But I didn’t plant any sunflower seeds.  She explained that a squirrel probably dropped a seed there.


Okay, that’s okay, I’m growing something!  So I cared for the sunflower, watering it and watching it grow.  The anticipation of that beautiful flower was exciting.

As the time was nearing, I looked out my window early one morning to find my sunflower was gone!  I ran out to the garden to find someone had bitten it right to the ground.

All I could think was, “Next year I’m planting grass seed.”


~I will write another post about what went into the garden next.