I didn’t post about agility last week because all the dogs were insane.  As everything was going awry the trainer pointed out, “It’s a full moon,” which I didn’t give much credit to; but, when I told my Mom what happened that night she said, “Well, it is a full moon.”  So that must have been it.  If my Mom says so, then it is.

Last night was pretty good.  We got there early and walked the trails.  I walked Liezel and my husband walked Abra (the house guest).  The pre-agility walk seems to do Liezel a lot of good.  It gets some of her nervous / excited energy out.

Liezel runs faster than I do so it’s important that she can think for herself and know when I yell tunnel or chute she goes through the tunnel or chute without me being at the obstacle to guide her.  She’s doing really well with this.  She is able to look ahead and is putting my words and the next obstacle together to know what to do.

Of course, she is not 100%  at this, but it’s intriguing to see each weeks progress and how she put things together.  When we started agility, a treat or toy would have to be thrown over a jump or into a tunnel and treats would have to be lined up all along the dog walk for her to eat her way through or across an obstacle.  A couple years later and she’s thinking on her own, doing obstacles with a verbal command.  It’s fun and rewarding.

Last night’s course went: A-frame, tunnel, chute, jump, tunnel, jump, jump, table, tire, dog walk.  She was really, really good.

While we ran the course, my husband said Abra jumped and cried, wanting to run with Liezel.  Aww, cute.

The only incident was again with the Aussie.  Liezel barked at him when he was on course and he approached the fence where we were, and each time it was her turn to run the course, as soon as I took her leash off she ran over to where he was on the other side of the fence and snorted / barked at him.  I don’t like it, but in the grand scheme of things, it is not a big deal.

Until next week.

Liezel on the A-frame
Rewarded for a great run