Liezel and I get up at 4:30 on the mornings that I drive in to work.  Well, okay, we actually get up at 4:40.  The alarm goes off at 4:30, then I rub her belly for 10 minutes and she licks my face.

After going potty, she stands next to me while I wash her bowl and prepare her breakfast.  While she’s eating I pour my coffee (auto-brewed at 4:30) and then we both make our way into the living room where I read blogs with my one cup of coffee and she curls up on the other couch.  Aside from checking in with me while I pack my lunch, she sleeps on the couch for a couple more hours until my husband takes her to daycare.

Enter Abra our house guest, a 5 month old Dutch Shepherd.  This morning, 4:30 alarm, 10 minute belly rub, let Abra out of the crate and all three of us outside.  The two of them went potty and then started wrestling.  Rolling around in the grass, jumping on each other, knocking each other over, and running.  Running full speed, chasing each other from one corner of the yard to another, behind the shrubs and air conditioner, around trees, up the deck stairs, down the deck stairs, and past me.  They looked like black streaks in the moon light.  This went on for a good 10 minutes until I could see Liezel running out of steam.  Panting and covered in dew they made their way to the doorwall awaiting entry into the house.

I put Abra back in the crate with her food; and, Liezel and my schedule returned to usual. She stood next to me while I prepared her breakfast, she ate, and then curled up on the couch until it was time to go to daycare.  Like nothing even happened.