*The word “track” appears an annoying number of times in this post.  If you have any alternate suggestions for track as a verb or noun please let me know.

I haven’t posted much about tracking because it seems to rain on Saturdays so our tracking classes keep getting cancelled.  It’s kind of odd though because I feel like we haven’t gotten any rain this Summer.

Anyway, when class was cancelled this past Saturday, I decided to lay tracks for Liezel myself.  The first one was straight, about 20 feet.  She is always very excited at the start of any work (tracking, agility, going for a walk, etc.) so the first track was a little frantic.  While she stayed on track course, she did miss some food pieces but made it to the bacon at the end.

The second track was straight 5 feet, 90 degree turn to the left, another 5 feet, 90 degree turn to the right, and a final 5 feet.  This was the first time we gave her a turn.  I lost track visual of the food pieces so I just let her work and she did both turns perfectly!  She was a bit more detailed on this one and found a lot more of the food and of course, the bacon at the end.

I talked to the trainer later in the week and he gave me some tips for keeping track of the track myself.  It all has to do with roughing up the grass / dirt.

We’ll see what the weather brings this Saturday and I’ll try to get a few pictures.