There’s something wonderful about Christmas music.  Pandora has a station “Jazz Holidays Radio.”  It’s my favorite holiday station.

Yesterday we worked on some household projects and had Pandora on shuffle.  Even in the hot, humid August weather, when an instrumental “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” played, I got that festive holiday feeling.

What is it about Christmas music that brings a smile to my face?  The thought of snow covered landscapes, hot cocoa by the fireplace, twinkling lights on the tree?  The act of buying, wrapping, and giving gifts?  Being with family and friends?

Maybe a bit of all of those things.  But I think the real reason for the smile and festive feeling is Jesus.  I think the music reminds me of the importance of Christmas Day and it brings with it joy and happiness and thankfulness.

So, joyful, happy, thankful thoughts to all of you!