The Jolly Egg: a hard plastic egg shaped ball (?) that rolls erratically.  Liezel loves hers!  Her favorite thing to do with it is to get a running start and then jump on it with her front paws.  This causes it to slide across the grass and she runs after it.  From there she kicks it around like a soccer ball until it comes to rest in front of me.  I’ll pick it up, throw it, and once she catches up to it she pushes it around with her nose.

Last year, Liezel’s birthday fell on a weekend that we were renting a cabin on a little lake.  Once she opened her gifts she was very excited to get outside with the egg.  She kicked it around for a few minutes, until it went into the lake.  She ran to the edge of the water and began to “paw” for the egg.  This only succeeded in causing ripples to push it farther out into the lake.

It was very cold and had started to snow.  My initial thought was to jump in and grab it real quick and then get back inside to dry off.  But her pawing continued to push it farther and farther out until I would have been over my head trying to reach it.  Common sense kicked in and I ran up to the cabin gasping “Are there any waders?!”  To which my husband and dad looked at each other like I had lost my mind.  “Come on, guys!  Liezel’s egg went into the lake and she’s trying to get it, but it’s just going deeper.  I need waders…” Wait, maybe it wasn’t common sense after all.  The egg was too far out for waders, we needed a boat!

I proceeded to yell “Where are the life jackets!?”  I was going to get in the row boat and get that egg!  My husband, still in his right mind, offered to come out to assess the situation.  I think him seeing Liezel, up to her knees in the water, staring out into the lake at her lost birthday gift caused him to spring into action.  Okay, so “spring” probably isn’t the right word.  He begrudgingly grabbed a life jacket, turned the row boat over and slid it into the water, and said something like, “The things I do” as he climbed in.

He did retrieve the egg and was Liezel’s (and my) hero for the day.

On the way out to get it – look at Liezel’s intensity!
MAMMA!!!!!  It’s in the boat!