Several weeks ago I mentioned Liezel having a minor condition that the vet prescribed an antibiotic for.  Our vet wasn’t in the office that day so the prescription was written by the more western medicine practicing vet.  I opted to wait until our vet was in the next day to discuss an alternative to the antibiotic.

Our vet did indeed have an alternative, so for the past several weeks we’ve been giving a Sweet Annie tincture in Liezel’s food.  It was given in three cycles of 10 days on 5 days off.  Monday was the last dose so we took a stool sample to the vet today and … the test was negative!  Yay!!

We have to have another test in four weeks to insure it’s gone gone (sometimes the test can give a false negative), but I’m confident it will be and we did it without yet another antibiotic!

Some people brush off Traditional Chinese Medicine and / or alternative medicines.  I find more and more value in them as time goes on.

Here’s to one less chemical in Liezel’s body.  Cheers!img_0959