Ugh, not a great night.

I got lost on the way to class.  I had to make a stop on the way there and thinking the road I was on would take me due east, it took me east and then due north.  Thankfully I do have a smartphone that gave me directions.  But I ended up on unfamiliar roads, started doubting technology, and getting anxious.  So, I set us up for a rough night.

There was a new person / dog who began to approach us fairly quickly, asking, “What’s your name?”  Liezel started barking and lunging when they got about 20 feet from us.  I held up my hand like “Stop” and said “She’s really fearful.”  That got her to stop coming closer.  We exchanged a few words from that distance and I was able to get Liezel to sit.

When we entered the agility ring there was a woman with a Newfoundland leaving.  I knew her from previous classes (when Liezel was a puppy).  We exchanged a few words from a distance, but Liezel still reacted.  She was barking and lunging and no amount of correction was stopping her.  Once the other person / dog was out of the ring, Liezel finally heard me and sat.

When the French Bulldog ran the course, he approached Liezel at the fence and they sniffed each other.

She reacted to the Australian Shepherd when he was on the course, but was easily corrected and put in a down.

On course she was a bit scattered.  Apparently someone in the prior class had dropped treats as (s)he ran the course so there were treats everywhere.  Liezel is a natural tracker so she was more interested in finding food than running the obstacles.

Next week starts a new 6-week session.  Hopefully we’ll get back on track with continual improvement and less reactivity.