My husband’s brother asked if we could take his dog for the weekend while they went to an out-of-town wedding.  I was happy to accept for a few reasons, one of which the brother and his wife are so kind, and also because I’m curious to see how Liezel will do with another dog.  Sure, we had Trudy for a few weeks, but I wanted to see Liezel with an adult dog.

If you’ve read any of my posts about Liezel, you will know that she is fearful.  Her way of getting scary things (people) away from her is to bark and lunge, which is very effective.  Our guest dog is not fearful.  She is happy and bubbly and jiggly.  My husband went to their house, let himself in (they’re already gone), leashed the dog, and put her in his truck.  I think anyone would have a very hard time doing the same with Liezel.

Liezel is a very quiet dog, no whining or crying; and, barking only as alert or reaction.  Our guest is very vocal.  She barks when she runs, cries to go out, whines for attention (I give leeway for being away from home / family and being scared).

Liezel isn’t a big fan of being pet, especially her head, and definitely not by strangers.  Our guest will let you hold her head in your hands and scratch behind her ears – no discomfort, no look of being trapped, no trying to slink away.

Our house guest jumps on people…oh, wait, so does Liezel.

Our guest does not know come.  When I called the guest to come, Liezel came running over, sat in front of me and looked at me like “You called?”

Our guest has never had any formal training classes.  Liezel, if not for her fear, is competition ready in rally-o or agility.

Comparing the two, I see such vast differences.  Given the choice between them I can see why many people would choose the happy, jumpy, goofy, guest; and I can see why some may chose the serious, thoughtful, solid, resident.

My choice?  Liezel is fearful and her response to fear is less than desirable, but when I contemplate her as a whole, I see near perfection.