About six months ago a friend invited me to be a part of an 8-week health challenge.  The challenge consisted of eight daily tasks to earn you points.

  • Contact a team member (1point)
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water (3points)
  • Stop eating before 9pm (3points)
  • (2) fruit servings (3points)
  • (3) vegetable servings (5points)
  • No sweets (only 6 days per week) (5points)
  • Keep a food journal (5points)
  • Exercise (only 5 days per week)
    • 15 minutes (3points)
    • 30 minutes (5points)
    • 45 minutes (7points)

Every week one of the above tasks was worth double the points.  You also earned points for weight loss (10*lbs) and 5 points for maintaining your weight.

Reasonable.  Plus I love a challenge.

For eight weeks I earned every point available (I can be a bit rigid at times), lost some weight, and developed new habits.  When the challenge was over, I asked my husband if he was interested in the challenge.  The two of us were doing really well until the seventh week.  He had to go out of town so we put the challenge on hold until he returned.  Oh my – I really fell off the wagon, eating lots of stuff I shouldn’t have.  My poor decisions reflected on the scale.  So upon his return, we resumed at week seven and we’re back on track.

I actually feel physically better when I follow this plan.  I’ve decided that after we’re done with week eight, I’m going to print a new 8-week packet and do it all over again, even if by myself.  Following a plan seems to keep me on track.


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