Last night there were people doing “make-up” classes during our class so there was a different energy.  One was a family, mom, dad, two little girls, and their dog (GSD).  One of the little girls (maybe 10 years old) was the one working with the dog.  It was so sweet to see a child / dog relationship.  And she did really well for being surrounded by adults.  The other person making up a class was just a single woman / single dog.

When we arrived, the trainer announced “I have told everyone about Liezel, that she is a very sweet dog, but has some people issues.”  Naturally everyone stares waiting for Cujo to react.  And, while thankful for the warning to the new folks, it was completely unnecessary because Liezel was an angel!  Well…angel might be a stretch.

The trainer gave a quick run down that the single person / dog team were just finishing up Introduction to Agility, the child / dog team were about on par with our class, and Liezel and I were “pretty much at advanced level” (no pressure).  As always, Liezel ran all around and off course for our first run.  I made the announcement “This performance should not be a reflection on our trainers ‘advanced class’!”

The following runs were great, though.  While varying slightly, the courses went something like: jump, A-frame, tire, jump, tunnel, dog walk and jump, jump, tire, A-frame, chute, tunnel, tunnel, long jump.

Off course, Liezel reacted (hackles up, barking) to the French Bulldog who approached her at the fence and then later barked at the GSD when she (the GSD) started the course near where we were standing.  Other than that, Liezel actually showed interested in the other people and particular interest in the Mastiff.

On course, Liezel was great!  A few minor mistakes, mostly due to my poor direction, but the last run she did perfectly!  My husband got a perfectly timed picture of me jumping up in excitement.

Perfect run!