Remember “Lost”… and how people were mad at the end of it?  I remember hearing so many complaints about the show, all the while being completely in the dark because I had no interest in watching it.

Fast forward a few years and my husband finds the series on Netflix (please don’t quote me on that – it could have been another subscription based company) and asks if I’d like to try it.

During the next couple of months we sat in front of the t.v. watching episode after episode!  I loved it and was hooked!  Being several years after its conclusion, no one was very interested in talking with me about the show, and I really got a lot of “Uh, what a waste of time” or “all those years for that ending.”  But it didn’t dissuade me from finishing every episode and loving it to the very end.

Occasionally I make mention of the show to my husband reminding him how great it was and he says, “I think you liked it so much because it was your first experience at binge watching.”   Could that be?

We have since watched many shows in this same way – waiting a few years and then watching them episode after episode in an exceptionally unproductive-human kind of way.  And while I did like many (all?) of them, I still go back to thinking about “Lost” and all the comfortable nights that went with it.

Have you binge-watched anything and do you find your first binge was your favorite?


Liezel watching “The Dog Whisperer”