Taking a page from books of That’s So Jacob and Roberta Pimentel, I’m setting some August goals for myself.

That’s So Jacob’s June project of following 6 blogs a day, every day, for the month of June was a very ambitious goal…one I’m not sure I could do…plus since this is an August goal for me, would I have to follow eight a day?  Uh, too much.  But I am going to follow his fantastic idea of keeping a family tree of the blogs I do follow in August and see where it takes me.  Naturally, my first family tree will start with his blog.

Roberta Pimentel has thirty one topics to blog about for the month of August.  In my opinion she’s already done the hardest part by identifying thirty one different topics.  I seem to have a hard time thinking of one so I’m going to take an easier route and take each day as it comes.

My blog goal is to post something every day in August. Of course, two days each week will be about dog training – Tuesday we take agility and Saturday we take tracking – but I’ll incorporate some personal thoughts, probably some work complaints, and if words just completely escape me, a picture of the world’s cutest thing: Liezel.

I will also be doing a 30-day arm exercise schedule in hopes of building some arm strength.  This is no joke – recently while at a friends for dinner, she asked me to pour the contents of a pan into a bowl.  The pan was so heavy that I could barley complete the task at hand.  My husband asked what I was doing and came over to take the pan from me.  He and the friend got a good chuckle out of the idea that the pan was so heavy for me. [Insert my “screw you guys” look].  So let’s just see how heavy that pan is on August 31.  I’m hoping the exercises don’t cause me to be so sore that I won’t be able to lift my arms, let alone that incredibly heavy pan!

Finally, I am setting a housekeeping goal for myself.  Cleaning seems to always be at the bottom of my list of things to do.  I’m going to bring it up on the list and attempt to spend a few minutes every day cleaning something.

Well, I’ll be taking the next six days to think about what I just committed to.  I better write this down, pin it up, and re-read daily.