It’s amazing to me which dog toys last and which do not.  I can spend $35 on an “indestructible” toy that is destroyed in 3 minutes (very disappointing) or $4 on a toy that can last months.  That is what I found with the Kong Squeezz JELS (KSJ)!

Among other things, Liezel received a KSJ piggy, for her birthday.  She carried that piggy around with her everywhere she went.  I found it on the bedroom floor each night and it was the first thing she picked up each morning.

It is a small, soft-plastic, squeaky, pig shaped toy.  Yes, it squeaks!  Liezel loves, loves, loves squeaky toys, but none ever seem to last. She inevitably chews the toy apart, gets the squeaky and squeaks it until she bites through it.  But, the squeaker inside of the KSJ is part of the toy so it can’t be removed (or at least she hasn’t been able to figure it out).

For Christmas, Liezel received another piggy which caused her quite a dilemma – which one to carry?  She traded off pink and orange.  One always goes outside with her where she steps on the edge of it causing it to jump / bounce.  She chases, catches, and steps on it again.  When it’s time to come in, she grabs the piggy and brings it in with her.

Since Christmas she has gotten a couple more – a hippo for Easter and a frog when Trudy left.  The frog is the most recent one so it is the one she currently carries everywhere.  The original piggy (9 months old) is still in one piece, and amazingly still squeaks.

If you’re looking for a hardy toy, check the KSJ out.  I bet your dog will love them.

*They come in two sizes.  Liezel does not care for the large as much as the medium.  The medium is about 2 inches by 1 inch in size.  I guess she feels it’s the perfect fit to carry in her mouth.