The little house guest that we named Trudy left last night.  She was returned to the breeder to be picked up by her new family today.

We only had Trudy for purposes of socialization, until she was sold and sent to her forever home.  I knew this going in.

She was a pesky little thing!  I forgot how much work a puppy is.  We had Trudy for three weeks and in that time two blankets, my favorite sweatshirt, and many socks now have holes in them.  A cord has been chewed in half, my area rug has been pooped on, and Liezel’s feeding stand has a large piece of wood missing.

Trudy fit through the fence rails and proved it many times.  She broke through a baby gate, and jumped out of an x-pen (a five foot x-pen!).  She barked too much, cried too much, bit too much, jumped too much.

She drove Liezel crazy!  But…

Trudy had puppy fur and puppy breath.  She looked at me with beautiful, thoughtful eyes.  She curled up with me on the couch and went into the x-pen by herself to nap.  She slept in the crate at night without issue.   She loved splashing in and out of the pool, running with Liezel, and somersaulting and rolling in the grass.  She ran to me when scared or hurt and curled up in my arms.  She learned ‘come,’ ‘sit,’ ‘down,’ and ‘heel.’  She was potty trained in two weeks.  She was so observant and already showed signs of guarding.  A smart, sweet little thing.

She became Liezel’s friend.  Running and laying together, playing chase and keep-away, stealing each others toys and trading bones.

So when the breeder texted me that she was leaving last night, I found myself relieved but crying.  Crying because I wondered if she was going to feel that I abandoned her.  Crying because I was afraid that Liezel would be sad.

I cried so hard when leaving the house with her, Liezel looked at me with true concern in her eyes.  I tried to pull it together before getting to the breeder’s but my pale skin gives it away.  He didn’t need to, but asked “Are your eyes red?”  He and my husband exchanged looks.  After kissing, squeezing, and dropping tears on her, I handed her over.    She looked content in his arms.  She wasn’t scared or looking to me for help.  It was time to let go.

Goodbye, little Trudy.  You drove me crazy and made me fall in love with you.  I hope the same for your new family!

And just before we pulled away, the breeder said, “I have another one if you’d like to do this again.”