I am very excited about Opinionated Man’s Project H and in telling him so, he invited me to participate.  https://aopinionatedman.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/project-h/

If you don’t already follow OM, check out his blog http://www.aopinionatedman.wordpress.com – he writes a lot of good stuff!  For Project H, he posted some general questions as prompts and I just ran with them.

Who are you and where are you from?
I’m Jill, from Michigan. I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life, always in the Metro Detroit area, and currently in a very small, historic town.

What is your blog and when did you begin blogging?
I started “Owning a dog with anxiety” just last month (June 2016). For the past several years I have experienced a lot of anxiety. I have always had some amount of mild anxiety about things, but it escalated when we got our first puppy, Zelda. She was very sick her whole little life (almost two years) and we spent a lot of time and money trying to heal her. The stress of it caused me to reach a near breaking point and when we had to put her down I did break.
For a number of reasons we got another puppy just five months later and I was an emotional whirlwind. I was worried that she too would be sick and honestly, I would not have been able to go through what had happened with Zelda again. I prayed that God would give me a healthy puppy this time. And He did. What I didn’t pray for was a confident, social puppy so we got a nervous Nelly who became fear aggressive. This has caused me great anxiety! I have had a lot of negative thoughts like:
– You’re causing her fear with your anxiety; She should be with an owner with more confidence; You’re ruining her life
– The neighbors are going to call the police…this thought causes a whole series of anxiety producing thoughts which end with the police shooting her
– She’ll never be able to go anywhere; she won’t experience dog things like going to the beach, or classes, or camping, or walks!
– I began resorting to, “She’ll just be an at home dog,” which caused anxiety producing thoughts like, what if we have a vet emergency and she’s aggressive and they won’t treat her – or what if she bites the vet and we have a whole law suit to deal with.
On and on these thoughts swirled through my mind and I decided I had to get them out. I needed relief from the ongoing worst case scenarios I was creating so I started a blog. Knowing nothing about blogging, I figured no one would even come upon these thoughts for a long time so I was just writing for myself. I quickly caught on that commenting on others’ posts will draw attention to my blog. This was a little scary at first, but so far everyone has been very encouraging. Thus far I have shared more than I would have thought I would have, but it has been refreshing and relieving.

What is your normal view while blogging? Care to share it with us?
If I’m caught in traffic I ask Siri to put thoughts into a note. One particularly slow morning, I spoke an entire post to her and just edited it when I got to work. Here’s what that view looked like.

More often than not though, I’m at my tiny computer desk in the living room. This is my view.

If I ever opened those blinds, this would be my view.

Share some facts about your home, town, or city that we can’t find online or on Wikipedia.
We bought our home in 2004 and moved from just outside of Detroit to a little town about 45 miles west. Coincidentally, my parents had also moved to this little town just a few month prior. My husband teases me that “You just couldn’t stand to be that far away from your Mom.” Perhaps. So…so what if I’m a Mamma’s girl!
I had the “perfect home” envisioned: wood burning fireplace, bay window, open floor plan, wooded lot, and just to make things difficult for the realtor, a reading loft. I didn’t realize it at the time, but these were all ideas imprinted from childhood memories. Well, the realtor found it: wood burning fireplace (has since been converted to gas for convenience), bay window (the dog sleeps in it), wooded lot, and yes, a reading loft. It was just meant to be. And it just so happens to be 2 miles from my parents.
Our town has two major annual festivals Balloon Festival (June) and Melon Festival (August). Balloon Festival takes place at the high school campus and includes a carnival. But the best part is each night they do a mass launch and each morning a fly in of hot air balloons. If the wind is right they fly right over our house. One year a pilot dropped candy for the neighborhood kids as he floated down our street. Everyone got a kick out of that.
I think because of the balloon festival all spring, summer, and fall there seem to be a lot of hot air balloons in the air around us. One landed in my parents’ yard a few years ago. You know they take off from somewhere and have to land somewhere. They were the lucky ones for that flight’s landing. My husband I flew in one a few years ago as an anniversary gift. It was in the fall so the colors were beautiful and the ride itself was very peaceful. We also landed in someone’s yard.
We also have Melon Festival. This is a big celebration of our locally grown melons (cantaloupe). The main intersection in town is closed for the weekend and vendors set up all kinds to booths for goods and services. The local winery makes melon wine, there is melon ice-cream, melon cocktails, melon salsas and a lot of other melon stuff. Last year I decided to take up running and ran the Melon Festival 5k. It started out really hot and humid until a storm rolled through and it poured rain (it was very welcomed). I haven’t decided if I’ll run it this year, but I will partake in the melon ice cream and wine!

What does your home mean to you?
My home is a place of safety and security. Where it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Where relaxation begins to set in upon entering. Home is where my most valuable treasures are: my husband and dog (and my parents 2 miles away).
My home is consistent; where the leaves return in the spring, the grass turns back to green and the weeds grow incessantly. It is where, in the winter, the snow will cover the ground and sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight and the Christmas tree will flicker light in the front window.
My home is where the Star Spangled Banner and “Play Ball” can be heard just over the trees and the high school band can be evening entertainment right from the front porch.
My home is where the dog’s collar jingles and her nails click on the floor, where pictures are reminders and each belonging has a meaning.
My home is where I lay down each night and thank God for everything He has allowed me to have, all the things I just described and all those I didn’t.

Name one other place you would like to call home one day.

What is the best way to share your “home” with us through a blog post? Show us!

Down town
Liezel in the bay window

Down town – Melon Festival
Balloon Festival from our front porch
Liezel in the front yard
Liezel in the backyard – 2104 major snow fall

Throwback Prompt: What does the freedom of opinion mean to you and is your view shared by most people from your nation?
On a very broad level about 50% of the nation shares my opinion, you’re either republican or democrat. I share both majority and minority opinions depending on the topic. And I might be alone in my thinking on some things. I’m passionate about some things and passive about most. My opinion is always right, just as the opposition believes his opinion is.