I was going to write this morning about Liezel.  I got her baby book and her files and started going through them but I had a nagging thought that “You need to jot down some thoughts about Trudy.”

Since my journal has recently gone by the wayside, I’ll jot those thoughts down here.

We’ve had Trudy for one week now.  We arrived to pick her up last Friday night and waited while she got her 12-week vaccinations and her tattoo.  She cried during both to which the breeder said “She’s a drama queen.”  She cried!  It was awful.  However, they vaccinated and tattooed another one right after Trudy and that one only gave a small squeak…hmm, is she a drama queen?

On the ride home she kept hiding her face between my leg and the truck door.  It took me a few minutes to realize she wasn’t hiding!  She had her little pointy nose in my treat pouch!  Scammer.  When her nose wasn’t in the treat pouch, she and Liezel took turns sniffing each other and the meeting seemed to be going well.  I was very worried that bringing Trudy home, if only for a little while, would set Liezel’s amazing recent progress back.  But the initial interest in each other kind of set my mind at ease.

Friday night she cried for maybe 5 minutes and then fell asleep for the night.  The towel was wet in the morning.

Saturday she had part of Liezel’s breakfast (in her own bowl, in the X-pen), Grandma Lucy’s and Bravo! raw.  We took her to the small family-owned pet store in town and she met the two cashiers.  She and Liezel played well together all day and she took her nap on my lap.  That’s where she was when the breeder came by to drop off the kibble she had been on.  When he saw us he said, “Oh bonding time.”  Keep in mind, we are only fostering Trudy – there is no bonding going on.  Our neighbors stopped by during the day with their Rottweiler.  Trudy was interested in him but he was impatient with her so the interaction was limited.  Saturday night she cried on and off all night and we ended up taking her out twice to go potty.

*Met four new people and a new dog

Sunday morning the towel was dry and she followed me to the door wall, ran right outside, and went potty.  We took a family walk in the morning where a jogger stopped us to pet Trudy.  Liezel was a SUPER STAR and sat calmly next to my husband while Trudy was being pet.  In the afternoon we took Trudy to training where I saw for the first time a high-drive dog…Trudy!  She was insane and I asked the breeder, “What is wrong with this puppy?!”  He said, “That is high-drive.”  Wow…

We took an evening walk where we came upon three neighbors (one with a dog) talking.  Trudy was shy but came around quickly allowing the humans to pet her.  She had no interest in approaching the dog.  She also showed some signs of fear of dogs while walking.  If dogs in a yard were barking, she put the brakes on and would not move.  I carried her in these situations.  Sunday night she again cried several times during the night, we only took her out one time to go potty.

*Met four new people and a new dog

Monday was fairly uneventful.  Play between Liezel and Trudy started to morph.  Prior to this, the interaction between them was mostly curiosity; now, they seem to be taking an interest in toy sharing / tugging.  And Liezel started showing “puppy-like” play behavior.  It was fun to see a more playful side of her.  I put water in the kiddie pool and while it served as a giant water bowl for them Trudy had fun jumping in and out of it.  Our neighbor on the other side was outside and Trudy slid through the fence to meet him!  Note to self – plump her up.  My parents came over for dinner which made Liezel very happy.  She loves my parents!  Trudy cried for a couple of minutes at bed time and slept through the night.

*Met three new people

Tuesday morning we took a family walk, then Trudy had to be crated while we went to work and Liezel to daycare.  The breeder stopped over during the day to let her out, but the towel was wet when I got home.  She and I did some training and took a short walk.  She was less interested in walking and more interested in laying in the grass in the shade.  She seemed very tired and I wonder if she cried all day in the crate.  She was very happy when Liezel got home and they ran in the yard together.  We took Trudy to agility with us, but she stayed in the kennel in the car because there are too may dogs in and out of the facility for her to be exposed to so soon after being vaccinated.  Once class was over, I let Trudy out to go potty and she met one stranger.  After dinner, Liezel went to bed and Trudy snuggled up with me on the couch.  I caught myself kissing her and saying, “I love you.”  Uh oh.

*Met one new person, watched several other dogs at agility

Trudy slept through the night and the towel was dry in the morning.  Wednesday I worked from home so between monitoring play, numerous potty breaks, and forcing naps, I tried to get real work done.  Liezel and Trudy played well together.  Liezel had to correct Trudy a couple of times, but all in all she was very patient with the puppy.  I think Trudy got stung / bit by something while outside.  She gave a little squeal and came running to me holding up a paw.  I looked it over and didn’t see anything, but at that moment, when she came running to me for protection, my heart grew just a little bit.  After dinner, Liezel went to bed and Trudy laid on my chest while I laid on the couch watching T.V.  I scooped her up and put her in the crate.  She immediately laid down and fell asleep.  She’s really getting comfortable here.

Yesterday, Thursday, we again went off to work / daycare and Trudy was crated.  I came home to another wet towel and when I opened the crate she ran to the door wall jumping.  As soon as I opened the door, she ran out and went potty.  We did a little training in the yard, took a short walk, and then went to the little local pet store.  While at the store a woman inquired about Trudy.  I told her that she was for sale and gave her all the details.  A sick kind of feeling came over me.  Once home, I texted the breeder letting him know about the woman and proceeded to cry.

* Met three new people (one child)

So in one week’s time:

  • Trudy has learned (not mastered) heel, sit, down, place (touch pad) and is 80% potty trained in a new place
  • Liezel has gained a little maternal instinct, showed a long gone puppy-side, and has really impressed me with her behavioral progress
  • A Rottweiler purist has fallen in love with a pointy-eared dog and will find it very difficult to let her go