I’ve been blogging for about a month now.  Funny how I “don’t have time” for a whole host of things including cleaning house and working out, but I seemed to have found a lot of it for reading blogs.  Priorities.

Here are some thoughts from this one month of blogging:

  • The first “like” was from someone outside of the United States.  I have no idea why this was so surprising but it dawned on me very quickly that people around the world blog (American arrogance? Pure naivety? Temporary stupidity?).  This was very exciting!
  • Things in my “typical life” are not necessarily typical!  That’s why I’m very excited about Opinionated Man’s Project H.  Come on July – get here!


And, a couple of questions (hoping someone can help!):

  • My whole blog is supposed to be about my dog so I have refrained myself from writing anything else because I wonder how to categorize it.  Today I posted a response to the Daily Prompt and now I’m thinking, “Ugh, you’ve got a non-Liezel related post.”  Do people start a second blog for generic stuff or should I alter (change the whole premise) my current blog to include other stuff?
  • I read about not using too many tags.  Is this a cumulative count of tags for all posts or can each post have up to 15 tags?
  • How can I show each post in a list so readers don’t have to scroll through my “Blog Page”?   Is this just the theme I chose?
  • OMG – how do I stop receiving an email for every posting someone I follow posts?


I have tried looking for these answers, but I have the attention span of a two year old sometimes.  Any help is appreciated!