My target audience for this blog is anyone feeling frustrated, scared, nervous, anxious about their pet.  I’ve had two dogs.  My first dog, Zelda, was very sick her whole life.  It was a very stressful time for me and my husband.  I will blog about her someday, but it is so painful I find it difficult to  think about without crying.  After we put Zelda down, I prayed for a healthy dog.  I got Liezel.  She is healthy and I am thankful.  What I didn’t pray for is a well balanced, confident dog and I got a real nervous nelly!  I have felt a lot of emotion over Liezel: happiness, joy, love, and anxiety, fear, and hopelessness to name a few.

What I take from all of this is that God sent me each dog for a reason.  He sent me Zelda to learn about a love I never knew existed.  And, He sent me Liezel to learn about myself…my fears, insecurities, and anxiety.  Both were/are difficult lessons but both have made me a better person.

Puppy kisses!