I’ve been reading others’ blogs about fearful and / or anxious dogs.  Something that came to mind is the trust you put into trainers.  Each trainer we sought the help of was giving different advice than the prior or the one after.  I had to put my trust into the “professionals” assuming they knew more than I did.  The shame in this is the amount of time (20+ months) spent with no results.  However, that continued search led us to the trainer who I can say is the “right one” for us.  With this trainer we use a prong collar.  A lot of people are going to disagree with that and offer other suggestions (mountain collar, harness, e-collar, etc.).  I’m going to stick with the prong collar since we’re finally seeing positive changes.  I’ve learned that reward-only based training does not always work.  Sometimes a quick, “Hey pay attention” pop gets her out of the “I’m going to bark and lunge and throw spit” mode and into the “What Mom, what do you want” open mindedness that is required for learning.